The grain base has two closed stores of 720 m2 total built-up area, open store and a building with a weight-bridge– 10 tons. The total area of the grain base is 12,038 decares including 11,1 decares concrete ground. There are two entrances and exits, it is fenced by a solid fence and has a room for non-stop security. The base is equipped with grain-cleaning machines and the necessary inventory for storage, processing and forwarding of grain. For modernization of the supply base for storage of finished products it is needed for the one store to be re-equipped with handling facilities and facilities for grain transferring and drying.
In order to use the full capacity of the grain base, in process of development is a project connected with licensing a grain store and taking in for storage grain of farmers in exchange of warehouse bills.

The total area of the machinery fleet is approximately 26 decares and consists of workshops, combustibles and lubricants store and garages. It has a solid fence to the east, west and north, and to the south there is a wire netting. There are two entrances and exits, concrete grounds sized 15,6 decares, open carwash service with oil and mud catcher, warehouses, living rooms, porter’s office. It is equipped with a service hall for large machines, turnery, repair hall for small machines, 9 garage cages and inventory for making repairs and assembly.

At present the milk production is above 21 000 liters per month. As comparison in February 2003 it was 10 000 liters.
The company intends to start a process of processing of the products obtained and manufacture of milk, yogurt, cheese and yellow cheese. For that purpose a station for dairying would be fully equiped and put into operation. Other investment intentions in the field of stock-breeding include construction and modernization of the halls for animals, purchase of new breeds, purchase of machinery and equipment.

For expansion of the activity, using the advantages of irrigation and the natural resources in the region, the village shall turn to development of biological (ecological) agriculture and vegetable-growing. This would allow to direct the production to profitable crops and to provide alternative occupation for the local population. The company intends to plant and grow its own vineyards, fruit orchard (area of 360 decares), tomato, asparagus, rape, coriander and other oil-bearing crops, medicinal plants and herbs. Of interest is also manufacture of rape oil, which is used for production of a biological product – biodiesel that would find application in the company’s trade in fuels.
There used to be a greenhouse of 75 decares in the region but it was liquidated after the start of the transition period in the country. The company is in process of development of a project for construction of a new greenhouse in a field of 38 decares and a metal covered structure on an area of 15 decares, 10 decares of which shall be used for growing early vegetables – tomato, cucumber, lettuce, etc. and 5 decares are intended for flower-production. The company plans to grow in the very field asparagus, artichoke and other alternatives of the traditional vegetable-growing.


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